Living the Wellness Grind




(Photo courtesy of Kate Raum)

Why Wellness?

For many years I’ve chosen to live my life daily without intention, following paths, rivers, flights, people, thoughts to the ends of the earth seeking and wandering.  2017 was a significant transition year for me.  I had an insurmountable amount of healing to do at the beginning of the year from personal and professional scars that 2016 ravaged in my life.  I sought medical help, I sought mental health help, spoke to many friends for help, and sought healing in my furry companion, Asha.

2017 taught me that I am stronger than I ever thought and when I’m well, I’m the strongest I can ever be.  I saw myself ebbing and flowing through feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, rage, hurt, and then feeling the toll those emotions played on my body.  Breaking me down, allowing no activity, no refuge, an ever sinking feeling every day.

2017 was a hard transition year that taught me that life is too short not to live a life of wellness. 

8 dimensions of wellness

The Wellness Grind is based on a perspective of wellness that is founded in models, theories, research, and lived experience. Wellness should be thought of with a individual and macro perspective looking inward for a definition of wellness that fits your lifestyle while continuing to push for a future where we do everything we can do to make communities, families, cities, states, and the nation #BeWell.

What’s your Wellness Recipe?

How do you develop your recipe for wellness?

Wendie’s Wellness Recipe:

So what’s my Wellness Recipe look like? It’s anything but simple.  It’s based on what I’ve learned about what makes me happy and keeps me feeling well.

  • Wellness in all dimensions
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Food and nutrition
  • Music
  • Fitness through indoor cycling, running, hiking, weight training, TRX, yoga, and Asha walks
  • Staying connected to community, to those around me, to friends, to family
  • Life-long learning
  • Travel
  • Nature

Keep on your wellness grind!

The Wellness Grind Blog provides me an opportunity to share the things I am learning and love as I walk my wellness journey.  Stay tuned for new workouts, new thoughts, and new ways to live the Wellness Grind.

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