Music is Life

Since I was a child growing up at my babysitter’s house I can remember music being connected with mood.  As my babysitter, Margie, walked around the house cleaning and singing, oldies would be playing in the background.  During my teenage years music and mood were inexplicably connected as I sought refuge for my raging teenage emotions in grunge and alternative rock music.  Later in high school I found punk and ska, went to many live shows and skanked the night away- until I had to be home at midnight.

I was very fortunate to grow up in Los Angeles, a place where diversity of music and diversity of lifestyles that match your musical tastes are abundant.  In college in the early 2000’s I moved into the space of conscious hip hop and eventually fond myself at open mic nights reading poetry with DJ sets in between spoken word artists.  Eventually, I found electronic dance music- back then simply called House Music… the derivatives of EDM received their formal titles later.  I gravitated towards clubs where DJs ruled the Los Angeles musical world and eventually dated a bunch of them- some I introduced in LA during this time are still collaborating musically today.

While my musical tastes have evoled throughout my life, the way use music to influence my mood has remained a constant.

That Spin Music Life

When I first considered teaching indoor cycle, one of the main motivators was my vast musical collection that I rarely have time to listen to.  I have a collection of old rare groove, U.K. garage music, and rare hip hop that have taken many years to acquire via CDs and then eventually MP3s.  With each playlist I mix EDM, pop, rock, and world music into a playlist that is motivating and matches the tempo of the workout.

Here are some tips to following the workouts and downloading the music on each playlist:

  • I use Apple iTunes to make my playlists so I can track the Beats Per Minute (BPM) via my computer.
  • I subscribe for Apple Music so I have unlimited downloads.  This does limit the music selection
  • Some of my music is not available for download because it is from my collection. If you cannot find a song on the playlist, find something with a similar length and BPM to substitute it.  Google any song you cannot find, hopefully you’ll find a way to enjoy it and appreciate the artist and song.